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Government and EU Legislation

Until recently, the majority of waste has been disposed to Landfill. A combination of EU legislation and UK government recycling targets, backed by greater public awareness of environmental issues, has meant that much more waste must be dealt with in other ways. For example, we must reduce the amount of Biodegradable municipal waste going to landfill by 65% by 2020 and there are other targets to achieve on the way (for example, to recycle at least 30% of household waste by 2011). In order to achieve that, the Government has set each local authority individual targets to achieve. Further information available from the Manchester Geological Association.

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In order to promote recycling, the Government introduced a tax on landfill. This will increase steadily from £14 per tonne this year up to £35 per tonne over the next 8 years. Recycling and collecting waste materials separately is expensive. The Landfill tax will help to make recycling and energy recovery processes more competitive with landfill and will encourage local authorities to award appropriate contracts to achieve this.