Green Waste

Garden waste can be difficult to get rid of which is why many do not think to recycle it. When green waste is recycled by a professional organisation the waste will be transported to a recycling centre where a number of procedures are carried out;

  1. all of the garden waste will be sieved to remove anything which cannot be composted
  2. the sieved material goes into an industrial shredder
  3. to green waste is piled into windrows which are turned every few days to ensure that the waste is decomposing at the same rate
  4. after around 20 weeks the compost is mixed and bagged
  5. compost is sold to the general public and business’

If you have green waste that is taking up space in your garden visit Any Waste Berkshire | What we Take | Rubbish Clearance to get it taken away and recycled at a competitive price.


  1. […] Around 85% of our annual household waste still ends up in landfill sites, when 50% of a typical household bin’s contents can be recycled. […]

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