Where’s the best place to recycle in the UK?

The waste industry is strictly regulated, therefore it is important to always choose a rubbish clearance company that is regulated by the Environment Agency, Defra or the UK Business Incubation (UKBI)

Each year more environmental laws are added, which means that reputable companies must spend a great deal of time and money ensuring that they are complying with the multitude of requirements on environmental controls, treatment methods, financial guarantees, training qualifications and permit requirements.

Further information is available from waste and recycling legislation and Biffa.

Typical services available:

  • House clearance
  • Garden clearance
  • Commercial
  • Bulky waste (fridges, furniture, etc.)
  • All with the aim of recycling as much as possible

Affordable rubbish clearances from one of the best

We all generate waste and a leading rubbish clearance company will be able to take it away and deal with it the best way possible, including recycling the majority of items collected.

For companies, that usually means paying a waste contractor to collect it, or paying directly to have it recycled. For household waste, the local councils have a duty to collect and recycle or dispose of it.

Sticking to strict requirements

All waste treatment and disposal is now carried out by the private sector in the UK, so local authorities award contracts to waste companies to deal with municipal waste in accordance with the local authority requirements.